Family Portraits: The Yeungs

The kids are growing up fast, huh?

You’d hate for a year to slip by without capturing those additional inches that they sprouted up. The worst thing is when you look back through old photo albums and on one page they’re 3 ft 5 inches, and on the next they’re all of a sudden awkward middle schoolers.

If you’re looking for fall portraits of the fam, let’s talk! I’d love to spend some time on a nice Seattle afternoon, capturing all those little moments that make your family, your family. The Town has many parks with great fall colors, and the leaves are ripe for the rest of this month.

Here are some shots from one of my favorite WA families, the Yeungs! It’s always a fun ride with them.

If you, or a family you know would be interested in portraits at a great rate, don’t hesitate to reach out!


(702) 581-3395 |


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