Tid-bits (About)


I’m looking to find awesome stories and then tell them in the most creative way. I feel more at home being behind a camera than anywhere else.

I’m trying to take everything in rather than watch it fly past me. Photography is my coping mechanism. Most of my good ideas come to me after 2 AM and I like to take my mornings slow with a cup of coffee.

It’s true, I cuff my jeans when I’m in the city and I button my shirts to the very top. More often than not I’m day-dreaming up some future venture. I’d like to think I’m a head-in-the-clouds type of guy.

If you have a story that needs telling, let’s talk. Cheers!


Glacier Vista (Take 2)-26


2 thoughts on “Tid-bits (About)

  1. Hey Lucas, I met you one of the first days of the school year (you asked to have lunch with me and my friend). Your photography is awesome; I’ve always had a love for photography and have recently started to get into the hobby a little more. It’d be awesome to hear about your interest in it and how you go through the process (what camera you use, etc…)


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