Sleepover at Mt. Rainier

Soren, we’ve only been hiking for 200 meters and I’m already post-holing. I don’t know about this. “It’s only 1.5 miles, so even if you’re sinking in it should be fine,” said The Guy Prepared With Snowshoes. Hop on to the highway that is the trail to Glacier Vista – thank goodness, it’s packed down […]

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2015 Recap

2015. A heck of a year. I will keep my recollection brief. 2015 was a very challenging year with many lows surrounding the loss of my girlfriend’s mother. It was heart-breaking for everyone who knew Cathy, and the year didn’t ring true without her. Through the hardship there, light managed to shine through in places. […]

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Frozen Phalanges: Nada Lake

Well, we didn’t lose our fingers. Although we may have have been battered and bruised a bit, we went on a snow camping outing¬†that ended up being quite an experience. My friend Michael was needing to do a photo project for school, so we figured it was a good excuse to get outside. We drove […]

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Washington D.C.

Kicked it for a couple days in D.C., you know, gettin’ capital in the capitol. After spoiled plans to travel internationally in the last precious month of my summer, ma and I decided to cut our losses (Dublin was the plan) and head to the mecca of American history, Washington. The big city located in […]

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Garden of the Gods

Living in Colorado we get the special privilege of seeing beautiful scenery all around us every day, so much so that we become desensitized to it. I have to admit, Coloradans have high standards, so to be truly awestruck by a landscape is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. Garden of the Gods is one place […]

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Backpacking: Chasm Lake

There’s this big mountain that you gaze at when you drive down I-25 called Longs Peak. For a while I’ve wanted to get up close and personal with the beast. So, I decided to head out with the gal and backpack in to camp in this spot called Goblins Forest, on the Longs Peak trail. […]

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